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Academic Leaders Series - Faculty Workloads - Shared screen with speaker view
Amy Gore
How should we, or how do other units, handle the thesis and dissertation credit classes? For example, when a faculty member is chairing an MA Thesis and an instructor of record for credit-bearing MA Thesis classes?
Sarah Boonstoppel
For clarity, are workload agreement adjustments prospective (based on anticipated workload) or retrospective? I'm thinking workload agreements for about our pandemic year(s).
Stephanie Day
If teaching expectations vary over two years (similar to the model shown by Coatings and Polymers) due to the nature of the program how does this work with an updated program description every year.
Mark Harvey
As you well know Jim, we had much difficulty last year trying to determine allocation of effort for a faculty member with a split appointment between our department and the School of Education. I wonder if you have thoughts about best practices for how to allocate effort with split appointments.
Canan Bilen-Green|
In determining standard load, do you take into account small enrollment courses versus large enrollment courses? What if one faculty is teaching a 3-credit course with 200 students and another teaching a 3-credit course with only 30 students. How about difference sin research activity?
Margaret Fitzgerald
Thanks, Jim! Glad to see such a good turn-out. I need to step off--have a great weekend.
Amy Gore
Perhaps they should be linked with the FAR?
Susan Schaefer Kliman (she/her)
Seems to make sense to me
Ken Hellevang
From a faculty workload and availability perspective, I would thin if it being an April deadline.
Mark Harvey
Jim: Will you share the power point slides?